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Trash Skimmer Boat

Trash Skimmer Boat

Product Application

Trash Lion is the most durable floating debris removal systems in the world, can be used for removing floating debris from rivers, reservoirs, canals, ports and other waterways. The Trash Lion can easily remove the following man-made and organic floating debris: logs, tires,shopping carts, refrigerators, bowling balls, leaves, bottles, cans, ropes, fish, and plastics.

They are popular and selected by governments, port operators, and other entities for its reputation as the leader. The Trash Lion is available in Small-Medium-Large size too.

Main Features

1) Trash Lion is mainly used to salvage the water hyacinth and alligator weed in rivers and lakes, and it can also collect floating garbages in the water surface. 

2) It has beautiful appearance. Its main hydraulic motor, proportional valves and hydraulic blocks are all supplied by famous brand in China, which are durable and standard.

3) The carrying capacity of this vessel can be six tons, which shortens the unloading times and fuel consump-tion. IN the river with much water hyacinth, it only needs eight minutes to full load the vessel. After full loaded, the vessel will unload the salvaged material on the river bank or trucks by rear cabin lift system.

4) There is a cooling pipe always in the water, which can reduce the oil temperature very fast.


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