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Gold Gemstones Dredger

Gold Mining Dredge For Sale

Gold Mining Dredge For Sale

Chain Bucket Dredger is one of the company's main product, the main technical personnel took part in research and development of sand dredging ship, and transform many times to make it more perfect. This machine is a chain bucket sand mining machinery, which can complete the yellow sand extraction, screening, cleaning, grading and other at the same time. One-time to produce qualified, clean gravel products, equipped with power is diesel or motor, it can screen sandy stone, cleansing work. And it can be installed on the pebble crusher broken to the second washing.


The machinery has strong geographical environment adaptability, simple structure, easy maintenance, it is an ideal machine of battlefield and the river dredging, and can be used for mining salt ponds and offshore rivers dredging, hard bed mining, channel improvement development, it has many advantages of reliable performance , long life, low cost and large working(500-3000 cubic meters / day).Digging sand separated by screening sandy is pure, no impurities, it is the ideal sand of construction industry, cement pre-operation.



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