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Dredger Accessories

Cutter Head

Cutter Head

1.Cutter Head Feature:


The cutterhead is integrated within vessels to deliver high productivity and minimal downtime thanks to the profile, spacing and size of the arms, as well as the location, orientation and form of the teeth.

Cutter Head is one of the key structures of a CSD, for it largely determines the production quantity and the dredging efficiency.

The cutters can be fitted with a variety of teeth and replaceable cutting edges to offer the full spectrum of standard and customized excavation tools for all types of soils.

The dredging industry requires cutters for many types of dredging work. Keda cutters meets those needs by designing and supplying replaceable, optimally efficient edge cutters and the more sophisticated toothed cutters in close consultation with the customer.

2.Cutter Head Benefits:

• exceptional wear resistance
• low cost per tonne production
• simplified maintenance.

 For peat, soft clay, loose sand and gravel, teeth with a wide front chisel are typically used. For firmer or harder ground, a tooth with a narrower chisel can be selected. For extremely hard ground and rock, pick point type teeth offer the most effective results.

Cutters with replaceable teeth

In the case of a toothed cutter, the adapters are welded on the front side of the cutter arm. The easily replaceable teeth are fitted on the adapters and fixed in place with a locking pin. When a tooth has to be replaced, the locking pin is removed with a punch. In this way, the tooth can be exchanged rapidly for a change in soil type or for maintenance purposes.


3.Cutter Head Basic Parameter:


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